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2020-2021 Leadership Team Audition/Interview Info

Thank you for showing an interest in being a part of the 2021 East Paulding High School Raider Brigade Leadership Team.  We hope you will find the application process to be interesting and enriching regardless of the outcome. This application represents a significant departure from the standard way of selecting student leaders.  If you have any questions about the application process please do not hesitate to contact one of the band directors any time. Good luck and work hard to best represent yourself through the process and to grow as a young adult.


Your candidacy will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. Past/current performance, past/current behavior, and dedication to the East Bands.

  2. Quality of your application and how well you handle the pressure of the process.

  3. Future leadership potential.

  4. Best fit for the organization.

  5. Musical ability demonstrated on the 2021 placement auditions.


When completing your application packet, be thorough, complete, creative, and honest.  Don’t say what you think the directors may want to hear. Say what you think as an individual.  Leaders are people who can offer something new and different to help the organization. The application process is structured so that we will gain insights into you as a person, so please be honest and thorough.  You need to open up and show the person you truly are or what you aspire to be. Whether you are chosen to be in the position you are applying for is not the ultimate goal. The goal is to grow as a young adult. Please make sure that you complete the application, questions, and service project with the goal of “learning something” in mind.


When submitting your items, please be reminded that all items should be submitted in one package and clearly labeled with your name.  All question responses are to be typed. All aspects of the process will be a part of the application rubric.


If selected for the position, you will adhere to the duties and responsibilities of the position.  Those duties and responsibilities are included in the packet. You are also required to attend the Georgia State University Leadership Institute.  Good Luck!

2021 Leadership Positions Available (you may apply for multiple positions):


  • Drum Major

  • Band Captain

  • Percussion Captain

  • Color Guard Captain

  • Section Leader

    • To include: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, mellophone, baritone, tuba, battery, front ensemble, and color guard flag/rifle.  Keep in mind that some sections could possibly have 2 section leaders.

  • Field Crew Logistics Coordinator

  • Band Librarian


Due Dates:      

  • Service Project Proposal Deadline - February 11

  • Drum Major Clinic (must attend) - April 13 & 15

  • Leadership Camp (all interested leadership must attend) - April 20 & 21

  • Application with Teacher Recommendations (Online Form) - April 22

  • Resume, Cover Letter, and Question Responses (Hard Copy) - April 22

  • Service Project Completion Deadline - April 26

  • Drum Major Interview/Audition - April 27

  • Leadership Interviews - April 29

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