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Music Majors

So you want to go to college for music...


Congratulations! Here is some information that will assist you along your way to studying music in college. You should also speak with Mr. Thomas and/or Mr. Robichaux during your JUNIOR year, or VERY EARLY during your SENIOR year, so that they can help you. 


How to Apply to Major in Music

Local Schools of Music

The following is a list of music programs within the state of Georgia that we will openly endorse for our students who are in pursuit of a bachelor's degree in music education. While there are others, these are the schools that Mr. Hendricks and/or Mr. Thomas know enough about to encourage our students to attend.


(Listed alphabetically)


Armstrong Atlantic State University


Columbus State University


Georgia Southern University


Georgia State University


Kennesaw State University


Mercer University


University of Georgia


University of West Georgia


Valdosta State University

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