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Washington D.C. Trip


Trip Update 3-13-2020 


East Bands Family,

As you are probably aware by now that the D.C. trip has been cancelled. It came down from the School Board today to suspend all out-of-state travel. I wanted to get as much information/clarification from all parties involved before informing you all of this news. I am attaching a letter Mark sent to me from the president of Super Holiday Tours. I am very sorry that we have to cancel.


Mark is going to now work on getting some, if not all, of the deposit money already paid back from those particular companies. I would ask that you be patient with them as this is not an easy task and will take some time to process. We are by far not the only group that they have to work with on this very issue. I will update everybody if/when there is new information. The unfortunate thing right now is nobody knows exactly how much each traveler will get back until they try to get refunds from those companies.

Thank you!


Michael Thomas

Director of Bands 

East Paulding High School

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